About MSMT Angels

We are the volunteers that support Maine State Music Theatre as much as we can. Ushering is not our job, but many of us do that as an additional volunteer opportunity.


We are unique in that we pay dues to belong so that we can help MSMT.

We do not make financial or business decisions for MSMT as the Board of Directors and the Advisory Trustees do.




Mission Statement

The MSMT Angels are volunteers who love the theater and work behind the scenes supporting Maine State Music Theatre, while enjoying a community of friendship with each other as well as cast, crews, and staff.

Become a MSMT Angel and meet new friends, learn about MSMT, share the joy of being part of an incredible musical theater company, and have fun!

Want to have fun? Join and show your support as an Angel volunteer, helping MSMT in many ways:

  • Distribute posters and brochures

  • Support theatre interns through the “Adopt an Intern” programs

  • Transport cast members and production staff from/to the airport or bus station

  • Provide food for “change over weekends”

  • Respond to requests for general theatre support throughout the year

  • Enjoy a special backstage tour of the theater

  • Contact anyone wearing an Angel name badge or email msmtangels@gmail.com