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During the spring and summer, MSMT Angels distribute the posters and flyers throughout the region. Areas covered include: Brunswick, Topsham, Freeport, Harpswell, Bath, Lewiston/Auburn, Yarmouth/Falmouth, Portland/South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Bowdoin/Bowdoinham/Richmond, Gorham/Westbrook, Augusta, Gardiner, Waterville, and more. If you go anywhere and a poster isn't up or flyers out, then put them up! Ask first, bring tape, thumbtacks, and staples for hanging. Stores, restaurants, inns, hair salons, your work sites, are just a few of the places these need to go. Check through out the season to refresh the supply.


Poster-Flyer Distribution



Most of our company lives outside of Maine. We help the theatre get them to Brunswick and to their housing and sadly at the end of the season, home.


One of the greatest chances to meet an actor, producer, stage ops person, costume designer, company management, interns, journeymen, or an apprentice is through transportation. You'll be make the first impression of Maine State Music Theatre to our vital company members. First impressions are lasting and we know that you can make a great one.

If you volunteer to pick up company members, you will arrive at the airport, train or bus station early. You'll have a MSMT poster or sign. You'll wait at the entrance door for the bus and train stations and in baggage claim for the airport. Help the company member with their bags and go to the MSMT  offices to check in. Then you'll take them to their summer home usually after stopping at the grocery store.

Many great friendships have been formed during these trips. Because you are working as an official representative of the theatre, you need to provide a copy of your driver's license and vehicle insurance.




When one show closes and another show opens is called "Change Over". During this time crews work 24 hours a day to strike the old show and mount the new one. The crew members don't have time to go out to eat. So Angels and the theatre coordinate the purchase (paid through dues) and delivery of food in the "Green Room" at the theater.

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